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Chapter 3 (Hell On The Highway): Part 2

You Can’t Model Love

Chapter 3 (Hell On The Highway): Part 2

Owen and RJ took their things and went out the car door. RJ eyes filled with excitement gazing upon the Ryeowook residence. "So why did you want to arrive here?" Owen asked.

"I have a meeting with your father," replied RJ. Owen didn't remember his dad being home this early. He never arrived till it was 12 AM.

While walking up to the door RJ was looking at everything he saw, but Owen was looking straight toward the door wanting to lay down on his bed.

When they arrived at the door it suddenly opened and it was Owen's father who greeted the both of them. "Hello Mr. Ryeowook" RJ took his hands out to shake his hand.

"Well look at you! And please call me Uncle. How many times do I have to say it" And he shook RJ's hand. "You've grown up so fast. I'm glad I got to see you in person this time.

It's been way to long"

"Your right sir" Owen's father gave RJ a look, "I mean Uncle" laughing it off.

"So sorry you guys. Come on in!" Owen's father moved out of the way and they went inside.

There you could see a shoes rack near the door and to the opposite side of it were pairs of slippers for guests. "If you could take off your shoes and can you leave it the side please"

"Yes, Uncle" RJ replied. When you first arrived at the Ryeowook estate there you could see a medium size clearing leading to other rooms in the house.

Ones leading to the living room, kitchen, green screen room, and etc. "There are so many nature portraits around us!" Announced RJ.

Owen's father started to boast and say, "Yeah, when Owen was younger he decided to take one of my better cameras on our trips and started taking pictures.

He was always so talented with a camera" RJ looked in astonishment looking at the photos Owen took. "Hey RJ I need you to come with me to your room"

"Okay!" Replied RJ.

The group started to go up and as they went up the stairs you could see a little lounging area with some couches, bookshelves, some coffee tables, and a pool table smack in the middle.

They went up to one of the spare bedrooms and went into it.

"So when you got here earlier I had my service take all of your stuff and put your things here"

"Wow, thank you. I was wondering where my stuff was" RJ started to tear up, but tried his best to hold it in. He looked at Owen's father, "I wanted to thank you for inviting me into your home.

You didn't have to invite me into your home or give me a job, but you guys did. And I wanted to say thank you"

Owen's father embraced RJ and spoke, "Whatever you need you just let me know. And you can also ask Owen or my staff for anything. So we will give you time to get comfortable in your new home.

Okay?" RJ shook his head.

Owen and his father went outside the room and Owen's father went down the stairs and Owen caught up to him "Dad, when did you decide to bring that guy here?

" Owen asked with anger starting to emerge from his posture.

He took a deep breath and said, "Well I made the decision a month ago. Me and his mother started to talk with each other and she couldn't care for him anymore.

So I decided to make him in and make him an intern for the model agency..."

Owen interrupted and said, "And when were you going to tell me?!"

Owen's father snapped back at him, "You're never around! You keep running away from me! I know you're working on your portfolio so you can impress your grandfather!

But never have time to even have a small chat with me! You know I at least try!" He took in a deep breath. "I want you to know that all I need you to do is to do your best.

Come and have a small chat with me that's all I'm saying. If you are trying your best that's great.

But sometimes just console me about how you are doing" Owen's father walked away from Owen and it left a bitter taste in Owen's mouth.

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