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hailhailyHufflepuff, sparkly stuff, life's ruff.
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Short Stories with powerful meanings

Short Stories

by hailhaily


The pedal clipped his heel again and he huffed out an angry breath, throwing himself off his bike. After it fell, he let all the anger boil up inside of him and screamed. He was far enough away

that he knew he wouldn't be heard. In the isolation of the forest he felt safe. Comfortable. He slid down a nearby tree and let the tranquility of the situation wash over him. After a few moments

he was asleep.


She couldn't help but notice him, tapping his foot roughly against the floor of the train below. The slight scuff that covered his jaw, despite his smell of aftershave. His broad shoulders leaned

over himself. She peered over her worn book pages, watching him. She wasn't watching him because he was beautiful or because she felt she had the right too. She was watching him because he was

crying. Silent but powerful tears that made him cover his mouth to keep from sobbing. She carefully shut her book and sat up, bending her head to him. "Hey, is everything alright?"

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