Surviving the apocalypse as a high schooler CHP #1
                   Surviving the apocalypse as a high schooler  
                        CHP #1 apacolypse stories

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As a 16 year old highschooler I thought noting of the dark a scary news that was brought to us a few days ago. My uncle told me it was just a ruse. Who knew the very next day I would be running for my life with my best friends by my side. Im Hope and this is my story

Surviving the apocalypse as a high schooler CHP #1

Yesterday was perfectly normal. Sitting with my adoptive uncle in his backyard just talking about random things in life.

When I woke up today I didn't think that everything would fall apart. It all started in 3rd period. All was normal, my dance teacher was recording us dance for our Grades. Then All of a sudden there was a loud scream.

The teacher ran out leaving us behind. More screaming accurd and then silence. It wasn't long before our teacher came back. Though at the time we didn't know...… our teacher was bitten by a zombie.

We had continued class and my turn came up. When I went to start our teachers fell to the floor. None of us knew what to do... Did we save our teacher by fixing her arm or did we run to tell someone else.

Just as I thought to run the principle came on the intercom. "RUN!" was all that got through.... Then a blood curdling scream broke through the intercom.. Worse than before. Way worse.

I took it very seriously. No way would I be caught by one of them. I had so much to live for. People to keep alive. I ran out of the class dodging people left and right. Half way through the school. I saw my three best friends. Elle, Max, James.

Elle was a small skinny Redhead girl of “5’4” stature. Max a brown haired, grey eyed, lean trans boy of only “5’0” stature. James had curly blond hair and grey eyes, standing at “6’0” lean built. They all seemed to be doing ok, no broken bones, bite marks, scratches... Nothing...

Elle Noticed me and freaked out as we all ran side by side. "Are you ok?" "Any bite marks?" "Scratches?" "What about the ba-" Elle rambled with a scared look in her eyes. "I'm Fine" I hissed out not wanting her to tell the world.

"Oh right, sorry...…." We ran into one of the closer classrooms seeing as most were either empty or occupied by the dead. We looked and barricaded the door, closed the blinds and sat in a circle. "No one got hurt right?" Max questioned all of us. "Hope is-?"

"Yep!!! just fine calm down." I hurriedly said. James looked around confused and sighed a little. I gave him the 'i'll tell you later look'. "I think we should wait it out for the night here." "I'll watch, you guys get some sleep" James called first watch.

I kissed him on the cheek, then layed down holding my stomach slightly. Not long after I fell into a deep sleep. *JAMES POV* Hope kisses my cheek before laying down.

When she fell asleep I noticed her holding her stomach a little..... she?....... Fuck........... Did I really......... Damn it I did didn't I....... I stared at the door thinking about Hope.

HIYO! so chapter 1 was redone

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