The skeptic
The skeptic 1st person stories

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A skeptic finds out that magic is indeed real but it's not the "expelliarmus" type of magic.

The skeptic

I've always loved the idea of magic. Whether it be the magic you see in Harry Potter and Disney movies or the kind you see in the Sabrina remake.

I always liked the idea of saying a spell and suddenly my responsibilities are all taken care of. When I met my two witch friends, I kind of thought they were a little crazy, not gonna lie.

I mean, if magic is real, why don't we see more of it? Why don't we have spells that fix broken cars or diagnose illnesses?

Not to mention anything "magical" in the past was really the result of science that hasn't been explained until recently.

"Oh, these oracles saw the future" "Nah, they were just tripping balls on ancient Greek LSD". That sort of thing.

Anyway, one of these friends got me a deck of tarot cards, apparently, it had my energy and I thought, "oh, neat".

After he taught me how to read them, I soon found out that maybe it's not just smoke and mirrors. I've read in the cards that I was going to lose something important and feel grief over it.

The next day, my boyfriend dumped me. That was a weird coincidence. I shuffled and read the card spread again. It said that I'll be rewarded and get more wealth. Hopefully, it's true.

And yep, got an A on my paper despite it being complete bullshit I crammed at the last minute and I found a wallet full of cash on the street.

Granted these happened 2 and 3 weeks after I read the cards but damn, I know it's coincidental but it doesn't feel that way.

I talked to my friends about it. They told me that magic is another form of science, despite being unexplainable (yet they tried to explain it to me anyway).

They said it does exist but it's like air. You can only feel it and it takes specific circumstances to actually see it.

Still, having my doubts, I decided it wouldn't hurt to test out their theory. I asked them to teach me how to use magic. They were enthusiastic about it.

They told me to get comfortable, relax and close my eyes so that I can meditate. I follow their instructions and suddenly I'm on a beach looking up at the cliffs.

Despite there being a storm, I see an old man on the edge of the cliff. I call out to him but he doesn't respond. I go around and climb up the hill behind the cliff.

The strong winds nearly blow me away but I press on, I can hear thunder through deafening blasts. Somehow I managed to get to the cliff's edge, a few feet behind the old man.

He gestures for me to come over and despite being afraid of heights, I obediently sit next to him, my feet hanging over the edge. "Who are you?" I ask him.

"You don't need to know that" He's mostly bad, only some white hair around his head. His beard is also quite long and white as snow. He's wearing sandals, a beige tunic, and a simple gray cloak.

"What does this have to do with magic?" I ask.

The old man chuckled, "what doesn't this have to do with magic?"

I explained to him everything that happened with my friends, the tarot cards and why I want to try to learn magic. For some reason, I felt like I had to tell him everything.

He nods and says, "your friends see potential in you and want you to open your third eye" he touches my forehead with his finger and I feel a spark there.

"Potential for what? I'm just a guy who doesn't even really believe in magic?"

"Anyone can do magic if they tried, people like you, however, have more psychic energy than the average person" He responds.

"I just want to learn a spell or two to see for myself if it's real or not"

"I'm afraid it might take a while to learn how to cast spells but what you can do is practice meditation and divination to open up your third eye.

When you're ready, there is something I believe you can pull off as undeniable proof, though it will be dangerous.

Have your friends teach you more about magic and when you're ready, come find me again"

"So you are just in my head," I say.

"Yes and No, I'm in the collective subconscious of all living beings"


"I'll explain at a different time, any way you must go now"

"But how can I call you without knowing your name?"

"While a name does have certain properties, what matters more is the intent. If you're looking for something or someone, as long as you have the intent to find them, you will.

" He slowly stood up.

I blinked and I was back in my friend's dorm.

"Did you see him?" asked my other friend.

"yes, he told me to meditate and practice divination before learning how to cast spells"

They agreed, "Yeah divination and meditation are both basically magic 101"

"Well then, let's get started," I said.

After days and nights of meditating and reading tarot cards, I was getting impatient. I closed my eyes and called out to the old man. I was in a hallway of an old house now.

Many doors in various styles lined the walls. The one that caught my attention though was the only door that matched the setting, old and made of worn down wood.

I walk towards it and turn the copper knob. On the other side is a forest. It looks neither menacing nor whimsical. I walk through it.

I can feel myself being watched and I hear movement around me. Footsteps and voices from all directions. I keep walking, focused on the task at hand. Suddenly I see a black horse in front of me.

It has no saddle nor bridle, yet I feel an urge to get on it. I approach it and it stares at me with its brown eyes.

I get on it and the horse gallops, the voices, and footsteps drown out, replaced by the thundering hooves.

We stop once we get to a creek. I look around and see that it's just a clearing.

Suddenly I hear a bark and see a dog come out of the bushes. Tears well up in my eyes. It's Donner, my childhood German Shepherd.

She barks excitedly and runs around on the opposite side of the creek.

The horse gallops and jumps over the creek. I quickly get off and hug my dog. I'm crying as she licks my face. I missed her so much. It feels so real.

Donner's fur is as soft as I remembered and when she jumps on me, she's heavy too.

"Damian?" asks a voice I haven't heard in a decade.

I turn around and I can't believe my eyes. Standing there, hands over her mouth as tears pour down her cheek, is my mother. My mother, who died of cancer when I was a kid.

"Mom?" I stand up.

She runs over and hugs me tightly. Naturally, I hug back, "I missed you so much".

"I know and you've suffered so much since I died"

I back away " look...better"

She nods, "I'm not sick anymore"

"This is amazing," I say

"It is and you've grown up so much," Mom said, wiping her tears.

"This has to be a dream or something, but I'm glad I get to see you again," I say

"Actually you're in the spirit realm," said a familiar voice.

The old man is petting the horse I rode in on.

"the spirit realm?" I ask

"When every person or animal dies, their soul moves on but their memories remain in the collective subconscious, also known as the spirit realm and the astral plane."

"So Donner and my mom-?"

"Are actually just manifestations of their memories. Their souls have moved on and reincarnated."

"But Mom's crying tears of joy because she missed me"

"Yes, but only because I know we were close when I was alive and I wanted so badly to see how you've grown without me," she said.

"Tell me, Damian, do you still feel as though magic isn't real?" asked the old man

"I-I don't know, this whole thing feels...I don't even know how to describe it"

"Isn't it true that science is still advancing and that even now there are phenomena that are still unexplained?" asked the old man.


"Is it possible magic such as talking your deceased mother can exist without having been studied in a lab?" the old man smirked.

"holy fucking shit," I say, dumbfounded.

"Language," said my mom.

"Magic is real," I say.

The old man nods.

"So that stuff with the wands and the 'abracadabra'?" I move my hand like I'm flicking a wand.

"Spells, yes. Wands, it depends," said the old man.

I stand there speechless. I had just found out that magic does in fact exist and that when we die, we reincarnate and our memories get put into a collective subconscious.

That's a lot to unpack. Holy fucking shit. Either I'm crazy or I'm now a fucking wizard I guess.

"Wait, how come everybody isn't using magic or whatever?" I ask.

"It's because most of it happens in the subconscious and only some of it can affect the physical environment, which means,

people usually think the magic they perform only happens in dreams and is thus imaginary. While the physical magic is often linked to science such as chemistry and psychology"

I stay quiet for a moment, "That does make sense"

"Indeed, I'll give you time to say goodbye before you go back to the physical realm," he said, walking away into the forest.

"It was great seeing you again, Damian," said my mom.

"I'll try to come back again, mom," I said, not wanting to leave.

"You've got a whole life out there, I'm fine here, don't worry so much. Just look after your dad and sister, okay?"

I nod and the horse nudges me.

Mom looks at me, sadly.

I sigh and get on the horse, before riding off.

I'm no longer a skeptic, I've seen the impossible.

When I opened my eyes, my face is still wet and I have dog hair on my shirt.

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