the $100 ham, egg, and cheese sandwich
the $100 ham, egg, and cheese sandwich sandwich stories

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A funny story about how I accidentally spent $100 on a sandwich.

the $100 ham, egg, and cheese sandwich

Let me tell you a funny story.

When I was in high school, my friend and I would go out to nearby delis for lunch.

One day, we go to this deli and I order a standard ham, egg, and cheese on a wedge with just ketchup. Nothing fancy.

I gave the woman my card, she charged me $10 for the drink and sandwich. My friend and I go to eat at a table.

After a short while, as I'm halfway done with my sandwich, the deli woman comes over and tells me:

"I'm terribly sorry, but I accidentally hit the zero an extra time and charged you $100"

I'm trying to keep my cool, just making that uncomfortable white person face, you all know the one, it's like the polite cat meme.

On the inside, however, I'm yellin' "$100! One hundred fucking dollars?! For a goddamn sandwich?! This motherfucker better cure cancer if it's going to rob me that much!"

"Did you hear what I said?" she asks.

"just give me the change," I said, trying to keep my cool.

I got the $90 in change but I was still in shock from what happened.

My friend and I then told the rest of our friends and even my economics teacher what happened.

It grew funnier as time went on.

I want to say this incident made me more careful with my money, but that isn't true.

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