Bio-Introspective Warfare
Bio-Introspective Warfare stories

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Bio-Introspective Warfare

by Haganai

I've been down this road before, this is your first attempt.

the idealized versions of you, and the heat of a moment, smoke and mirrors.

I fault neither of us for human nature, the adrenaline is too addicting.

My father's warnings ring through my head, replicate the mirror you so desperately tried to avoid.

the one truth you gave me, strung in the bonds of finality.

the realm of possibilities had I kept my tongue, I care not to know now.

once I was free of infatuation, all the pieces form into that which I remain consistently cynical of,

that I knew what was to come, and all that had been was but a Polaroid.

I should have said it sooner, but how then would I have set the stage?

you gave me your true colors, one of few truths I have to bear,

what little pride that lingers, I am safe to say,

how you grow, I will not know, nor the sidelines or the grave will I lay,

how gay I portray the fact I will not stay, you will forever remain the best thing I never will, nor ever want, to have. such is this, that which forces us to lose sight of ourselves.

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