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This is a true short story about a girl and her friend. This isn't my life story (or is it?). The details of the story will be in Wattpad, so please check it out whenever you want! The story is called "Stargazer". I may make sequels to this if I can! But this is just an rough draft of the book. So I hope you guys like it!

It Was Too Late

by hachime Wattpad: @JapanWolf

Everything was so happy. My life was always so bright and simple.

I had friends and a perfectly happy family

I was just an ordinary girl, who want to stay happy and not loose the people that is important to me...

But I had to learn to face reality....right?

Have you ever had a deep connection to your best friend that ....

You guys are basically connected to each other. Like sisters or your other half?

Your connection is unbreakable and you guys will stay together till the end....

But... it can be difficult not to hurt their feelings and not ruined your relationship with them.

It hard not to hurt their feelings when... They have the same feelings toward someone like you...

My best friend, Alice, had the same feelings toward someone I liked.

She told me how much she liked him and wanted to have a future with him...

It hurts to listen to her saying these things....

But....I stayed quiet....

I don't want to hurt her or ruin our friendship...

I had a fear....of loosing her...

When we were at school, I was sitting next to the window, not listening to the teacher's lecture.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

I turned my head and saw Alice's face She pointed down on a notebook. I started reading it.

" LIZZY!!!!! Today is the day!" I stared at the note for a while and wrote back: "Ummm...what do you mean?"

"You know! I told you it this morning!" " is the quiz for Miss. Goodwin?"

"Aaaagh! No! Have you forgotten already?!" "Forgotten what?"

"Today is the day when I can finally confess to Adam Hale!" My heart stopped.

Today.... she's going to confess...

My heart ached..... My hand balled into a fist... I bit my lips... I was in the verge of crying...

"Oh, really. Do you have the guts to actually talk to him?" "Hey! I know I can be shy, but I think I can do it now! I need to tell him!"

I tried to hold back my tears and wrote: "Alright. Good luck! I know you can do it (●>ω<●)" "Thank you! I know I can do it!"

Alice smiled so brightly. Her eyes glistened with determination And a tint of red was on her cheeks

I....don't want to tell her.... Her heart will break..... Like....mine....

I turned away and looked at the fallen blossoms of the tree... Tears slowly flowed down my cheeks.... I wiped it away,.

After school, the cloud turned gray and rain started to pour down.

I grabbed my bag and covered my head with it. I started walking outside.

While walking I saw two figures under a tree, the two looked very....familiar.

I walked behind a tree and peaked a little. The two figures looked more clearer to see... It was Aaron Hale and Alice...

My heart clenched tighter... I know what she is doing.... Tears started to form again...

"Alice? Why do you want me here ? In this condition." "Ehehe, sorry, I thought that today going to be a nice day. But I guess not."

"It's alright. So, what do you want to talk about?" "I...umm..."

Alice blushed. She tried not to look at his eyes. " I...always had a strong feeling toward you, Aaron. For the longest time...I had a crush on you."

"I was always so shy around you... I wanted to tell you my feelings, but...I was scared...that you'll reject me..."

"But then, Lizzy was there for me. She helped me get through hard times and supported me to become stronger. She was always there for me..."

"Lizzy gave me enough courage that....I...-" She looked up at him with determination. "I am finally going to tell you today. Even though it's raining, I am finally going to say it."

"Aaron Hale.....I love you. Will you go out with me?"

I was scared. I don't want him to say yes. But....I felt proud of her... My heart felt mixed and confused.... Should I feel happy for her...or depressed?...

Aaron stared at her in shocked. I waited to see what he going to say or do.

He then walked up to her and held her hands. "He, shouldn't I ask you that instead? It sounded weird from you, you know?"

My eyes widen along with Alice's. Her face was fully red as she looked at him.

"But to answer your question... Yes, I'll go on a date with you."

They hugged as Alice started to tear up. She always wanted this....

For me... My hearts aches and tears started to flow down rapidly. He said yes... this is it... I can't tell him how I felt... I was too late...

From that day, I learnt that... if you love someone... Tell them... Before...

It was too late....

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