💛💛💛 A Little bit About Me!!
      💛💛💛  A Little bit About 
       Me!! about me stories

hac hi, I'm a 14 y-o trying to tell stories
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A little bit about me!

💛💛💛 A Little bit About Me!!

Hi, So I thought since I was new, I'd tell whoever reads my page a little bit about myself.

So I love writing, reading, I love arts and crafts, too

I have 3 pets, a cat and two dogs , i may at one point make a story about them!

so if you have any ideas of a story line for that let me know!

now, you may be questioning my name (Hac)

I use that name on all my accounts because that is what my initials spell out.

Kinda odd, but I like it

I love aesthetic things , and emojis! I love anime , and animals too!

I also love stories that can really get people involved and that people can relate to.

But over all, i just am a sweet person trying to get inspired and trying to inspire other people, and i really hope to accomplish that,

thank you for reading!

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