things you and i know
things you and i know sad stories

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reflecting on love x art

things you and i know

i fall in love too easily, you know

i keep thinking about how your eyes reflected the sun

and how those eyes won't ever look at me the way i look at you

i'm silly, i know

you got me listening to blackbear like we had something

i have a whole playlist made, tailored to you and i

i'm stupid, i know

it bothers me too how i'm always willing to give you so much

i don't know if you appreciate it

if i take you out to dinner and spend thousands of dollars on our love, will you pay me back?

maybe one day i'll stop pining and really do something with my heart

do you know i like you?

i think you know

let's forget about it

i always break my own heart

i'm a fool, i know

and you know it too.

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