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love x vaporwave


lately, i've found that i talk to you a lot more than i talk to anyone else

i swear

my pulse picks up every time i see your notification pop up on my phone

i get high on cloud nine when i'm with you

i pour half of my love into a glass in hopes that you'll drink from it

yet, every time you take the cup, you set it aside and smile -

- that dazzling smile of yours, it fills me with so much joy -

can you tell i'm in love?

it took me a long time to tell myself that, honestly

i don't want to admit to myself that you might not feel the same way

we'll talk tomorrow morning, you say

i'll pass you the cup and you'll set it aside, like usual

am i doing something wrong? are you getting my messages?

hello? are you there?

please tell me before my heart snaps in half!

i've been losing sleep over this, you know?

i know you haven't because i've wished you goodnight and sweet dreams every evening

i wonder if we'll ever end this heartbreaking habit.

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