As the train departed

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A story about a brother's love for his sister.

As the train departed

The train stopped in front of me. I was beside my sister whom I love the most in this world. I can't imagine living without her but what can I do, I have to send her abroad for further studies. But if I reckon I worked hard for this moment only.

We lived in a small house from our childhood as we were born into a poor family. Our father was a carpenter in our village and he was an alcoholic. He uses to drink alcohol too often. Our mother was a courageous woman as after drinking father used to beat her. But she never complained.

When I was 12 years old our father died because of cancer we had to sell our house and land to save him but no use. I was interested in studying but I had to work for my family. So I started working as a mechanic in my uncle's shop. As my sister was three years elder than me so all of my family advised to wed her somewhere.

But my sister was brighter than me in studies so mother told all of them "she is going to study". She always wanted to go to oxford university. So I started to save money for her and worked hard to get more money and let her study.

Even I was sick I worked anyways. My mother used to tell me not to work this late but I said," Ma nobody was there for me when I wanted to study but I will not let that happen to my sister so I am working for her." Years passed she got admission to the main city. I used to send her money or her expenses.

I only had one condition for her that she should study hard. But sometimes her self esteem used to break and my mother used to give her motivation and said that if she will not fulfill her dreams, all the girl child who exists in our village will lose a role model. So she is not studying only for herself and family but a whole village.

Years passed she came to the village and was waiting for her graduation results and I was more excited than her. The results arrived she toped her college and got a scholarship to oxford university. I was the happiest person after her result I celebrated by giving a feast to everyone.

The day came she was ready to go, I have booked a train ticket as she first has to reach the main city then take a flight. As she was beside me standing there, I saw tears coming from her eyes. I asked her why she is crying and she said, "hey you gave the sacrifice of your whole childhood for me, You see I will become a successful person, and your hard work is not going to be a waste."

I hugged her and kissed her forehead and said," I know that my sister, you study hard and always remember me and ma are always here for you." She said bye to ma and settled in train and she waved her hand as the train departed. "When life is hard you should always look for a person who is there for you" Based on a true story.

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