She is Confused
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h_hastings || my blacks never match ||
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A poem describing myself, inspired by someone recently explaining me as confused.

She is Confused

Oh no, she is not funny,

she is just confused.

She is a self-proclaimed conservative,

but hates Donald Trump.

She loves country music,

but burns sage in her home.

Her library is full of political pieces,

and war diaries,

but also full of spell books.

She spends all day with numbers,

but would rather be more creative.

She is petrified of flying,

but does so, alone, to travel.

She hates the idea of love,

but is in love.

She believes in God,

but takes her horoscope seriously.

All she wears is black,

and now her hair is black too.

So no, she is not funny,

she is just confused.

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