Am I in love?
Am I in love?  bestfriend stories

h0peduhh__ she/her :) I’m very cool, follow me!
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You love her. Do I love her? She’s my best friend......

Am I in love?

You love her.

You told her you loved her.

I can't think,

Things become a blur.

You go on and on about her, as I sit and stare

Pretending everything's alright, pretending I care.

The real truth is bound to come out.

But do I really love her? Am I in doubt?

I truly don't know, I mean how can you tell?

Is it looking at her photos, mesmerized?

Or having this feeling, of hurt inside?

When she brings up the people she feels this for

When I feel the same, maybe even more?

But there's no way I can tell you, maybe not ever,

Because I can't risk our friendship together.

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