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love was never real until you

traffic lights

i was wrong. it wasn't the convenience and it wasn't the boredom it wasn't what they said it was. it was the looks that meant absolutely nothing save for curiosity and potential it was the hat that you wore and the flannel.

it was the trashy nights that turned into painful mornings shared under fluorescent lights the voice of ric ocasek coaxing us through the day telling you that i'm just what you needed.

it was the elastic band wars the phone calls and the sponges the way that you spoke to me and my scrunchie the colour of your eyes.

it was the way you left me again and again and the way that i never stopped waiting because that's who you were to me a hero that's what you are to me and you came back every time.

it was the time i found you on the couch and how we walked down the stairs our hands almost close enough but not quite.

how you came back with stories and her things that i was no longer a part of and it really wasn't about her it was about the cruel timing and the frustration the murphy's law and how the chain links were interconnected.

it was the coincidence on the day that didn't end well when i saw you on the boardwalk but i didn't know what i wanted i came off wrong but you told me you'd be there through the danger.

it was the way that you saw me and the way that i surprised you not the way that i thought it would be the stolen moments the wasted hours the crime and the repercussions.

it wasn't how it was wrong it was how it was so very right and yet still wrong it was your laugh and the way you looked at me and the day you left you stole for me and we ran twenty-first century bonnie and clyde of the small town.

it was the secrets and the uncertainty and the feeling in my stomach that speaks louder than words it was the way we talked and the way you grinned and the night that i waited for. but it wasn't about my backyard or my birthday not about the incident not about the forest and the forgotten goodbye and the tears.

it was about the shared cigarette and the drunk driving the ac/dc and the way i held your hand searching for my lighter. and then it was all about the pain and the fear and the embarrassment of the unknown it killed me but i expected it.

i saw you again it wasn't what i thought it would be i got drunk and left for the city because you brought her so i broke into a car and saw a deer on main street.

it wasn't the way that you joined us that night with a bag in your hands it was the smell of your cologne the way you took her seat and the phone call we shared

it was never about her or him or her or him or here or there or near or far it was about you and me hell it still is.

it wasn't about the parties that we forgot before i knew you and before you knew me where i gave you luck and you lifted me to the roof but i was scared of you and we didn't speak smart stupid.

it's about the nights to come the pier the streets and the weight of your head in my lap.

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