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snuff out the light

candle snuffer

she knows better. a black dress three plane tickets and a social worker. she shadow of death had become a monsoon the house was caught in the flood its tenants swept across the globe the silver and gold rusted worthless.

a birthday that was never celebrated.

she was alone she never ate she never slept but she smiled. behind her eyes you could see the weak spot you showed her things she never knew and you grinned without showing teeth so she wouldn't see the Baphomet.

she clung to you because of the darkness the familiarity the tragedy of the commons.

you told her you loved her and she sobbed into your chest you planned a counterfeit future she saw the light. but it did not come from the sun it came from your high beams so she didn't heed the warning.

she hated honesty despised the rainbow her insides churned at the smell of Dior but the pain the pain illuminated her world.

you painted her skin with your fists eminence purple and delft blue and she smiled but no one knew because it was for your eyes only. and now the promises turned to threats and the t-shirts turned to turtlenecks and the prosperous turned to the diseased.

her world was black and white and the colours on her fingertips faded because you demanded them to.

her eyes had been esoteric turquoise her smile had been transcendent rapture her skin had been florid paragon she had been virtuous potential. you took her and you extinguished her and she let you.

makeup on shoulders colour for the first time since the trailer park the risk of a hollow laugh ringing through the dirt.

so you grabbed the chair and you prevented the heart for one hundred and eighty seconds while the lights flashed around you blue and red and the screams were inaudible but the steel was cold.

and then you're both locked away but your father has a good lawyer and her father is six feet under. so she cuts off all her hair and her wrists get in the way so they chain her to the frame and she can't cry because you dehydrated her only reservoir.

you are the reason she sleeps with one eye open.

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