Blind Eye

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ignoring the warnings

Blind Eye

Your eyes and mine and theirs. The memories are gone with the dusty walls so we flail blindly and kick against the seaweed. At midnight we realized that it was a delusion but we took our glasses off.

The car with no top with the horse on its front. It was ours but it wasn't. It was where I kissed you with clouded lungs just off the highway. He drove too fast but we looked the other way. We wrapped ourselves around a tree in the night and walked to her house with our blood combined.

We were in love but we weren't too much time on our hands one backyard too many. I was hydrogen peroxide and you were vinegar but we shut our eyes.

I stole the lid off your bottle and put it on mine you told them what they wanted to know. We're allergic to the seasons - coup de soleil. But we turn a blind eye.

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