Dear Mom
Dear Mom #mother #mom #missyoumom stories

gyaneshwaribira Dreamer, Believer, Seeker
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Living out of home first time ever for 6 months in a row, that's how it feels.

Dear Mom

Here comes the time when I can't even tell you

"Mom, how much I miss you"!!

Deep in my heart is a place which is due...

There dwells my mind just to feel you.

It's been long I saw you... come here and let me hug you...

In your arms I feel so safe... no world around me and I can rest...

You can make home out of any place, without you even home is a mess.

This harsh world is killing the child with in me, I feel like running away..

But I stop when I see it's gonna be the same way.

You made me all what I am, because of you I still stand.

I be rude to you but trust me no heart than mine loves you so true

Hidden in my heart is the love for you can't show but I really miss you!

Past has been a great help, memories are always a better wealth.

I love you mom, not just for what you are but also for what I am.

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