Left for Dead
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Left for dead, but why?

Left for Dead

He opened his eyes slowly as a sharp pain radiated across his skull. He was on his back, a heavy weight pressing down on his body as he was sucked slowly into a wet substance underneath.

With what little strength he could muster, Alex rolled onto his side. The substance half burying him was wet mud. He was in a shallow grave.

Blood from a gash on his head mixed with the rain pouring from the sky and streamed down his forehead. He grimaced as it streamed into his eyes, stinging like a thousand little needles.

Alex was surrounded by darkness, the towering trees surrounding him blocked out what little moon light fought itself free from the imprisoning black clouds.

He felt dazed and confused about how he ended up in these woods in a shallow grave. But then a flashback engulfed him. He remembered meeting his best friend, Calum, but for what?

An animal howled in the distance as Alex remembered more, it starting to come together now as though he'd found missing pieces for a jigsaw. He remembered a metal pole and an argument with Calum. But about what?

Then it all came rushing back to him faster than the blood rushing down his forehead. Calum found out about Alex sleeping with his wife.

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