Final Call
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A final call for a terrifying journey.

Final Call

Rain drops streaked down the large viewing window at Las Atmos airport as Fiona waited for her flight.

She could hear a distant beeping sound that reminded her of a heart monitor machine in a hospital.

For as long as she remembered, Fiona hated flying. But this was a one way trip, a once in a life time type gig.

"Final call, I repeat, final call", bellowed a voice through the tannoy.

Fiona stood up, her knees shaking and her heart racing, but she felt weightless as though not fully controlling her own body.

She joined behind the other stragglers, one of whom must have hated flying more than she did because two large men were dragging her towards the plane.

With all the flying limbs, Fiona swore it looked as though one of the men had horns.

"Have a wonderful final trip," said the woman at the gate after checking Fiona's papers.

Fiona squinted, confused at the odd wording but she continued along the airbridge with a sinking sadness in the pit of her stomach.

She reached her window seat. An old man with a balding head and liver spots on his face sat next to her.

He smiled, but it was an odd smile as though polluted with a strange hint of sadness or even regret.

Fiona found it strange seeing such an old man flying but as she glanced around the plane she realised with only a few exceptions, most of the passengers were really old.

"Please fasten your seat belts. In the case of an emergency, well actually, what difference would it make?" said a voice over the tannoy.

Everyone on the plane burst out laughing but Fiona who sat, wide eyed.

She felt sick. Her skin began to crawl. The temperature in the cabin seemed to soar. "I need to get off, I need to get off," she screamed, but no one paid her any attention.

A crew member, who was pale and looked emaciated, slammed the cabin door closed. Fiona undid her seat belt and stood up, shouting she needed to leave.

The old man turned to her and said, "Sorry dear, I don't think you can leave this type of flight."

One of the men who'd been dragging the woman earlier emerged from the cockpit and started towards Fiona. "Ma'am, please take a seat, we have to leave now."

A voice from behind said, "The young ones always take it the worst."

Fiona slid back down her seat in shock, realising the man really did have horns. And as he walked back to the cockpit she noticed he had a tail.

"I'm having a panic attack, or I've fallen asleep and I'm in a nightmare," she said out loud, grabbing her head with both hands, squeezing.

The plane motored up and within seconds they were bombing down the runaway. Fiona squeezed her eyes shut then screamed as the plane lifted and her body pressed back hard against the seat.

Within seconds the plane had levelled and Fiona opened her eyes and glanced out the window.

There was a bright light to her left that felt comforting to look at but for an unknown reason tears trickled down her checks as they passed it.

"That one isn't for us unfortunately, dear," the old man said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching your final destination. Please scream for arrival," announced a voice over the tannoy.

People on the plane started screaming in terror and Fiona joined them as the front of the plane suddenly pointed down at a steep angle and the plane sped towards the ground.

The temperature in the cabin continued soaring to an unbearable temperature and Fiona realised the old man's skin was melting. She looked at her hands and realised her own skin was peeling off.

After what seemed like an eternity the plane stopped moving. Fiona looked out the window and could only see flames.

She scanned the cabin and all the passengers were now skeletons but still moving. The same voice came over the tannoy, "Welcome to your final destination, Hell. We hope you have a horrible time."

In a private room at Las Atmos hospital, moments before Fiona heard the final call to board her flight, a woman stood holding her daughter's lifeless hand and nodded towards a doctor who nodded back before switching off the life support machine. "At least now you'll go to heaven, Fiona."

What little did Fiona's mum know.

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