Plumber Cleans Pipes Even Ones, not in my house
Plumber Cleans Pipes Even Ones, not in my house m4 stories

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Guy's kitchen disposal breaks, calls a plumber his buddy at work recommended and that plumber checks all his pipes not just the one s in his home.

Plumber Cleans Pipes Even Ones, not in my house

Kitchen Disposal Not Working:

Kevin: Just got up and after breakfast, I went to use the garbage disposal in the sink and it won't work; Fuck.

Now, what am I going to do this is a pain in the ass and I don't have time for this shit? I have a million things to do today and waiting for a repairman was not one of them.

Who am I going to call; I know, Jim at work said to give Mike's Friendly Plumbing a Call? Now; where did I put that card, he gave me; oh here it is.

Call Plumber Buddy Recommended:

I pick up the phone and dial the number on the card; it's ringing.

Mike: Mike's Friendly Plumbing, how may I help you.

Kevin: Hi Mike, my name is Keven Fletcher and my disposal stopped working thus my kitchen sink is clogged now.

Mike: Yes, sure Kevin where do you live?

Kevin: I am at 10046 Martel Ave in Dallas which is in the new Townhouse complex they just built across from the Park. Do you know where that is Keven?

Mike: Yes, I know it well; have a few customers in your community.

Kevin: Great, when can you come over?

Mike: Well, I know you are busy and I don't want you to wait around for me or my staff today.

Thus, I will send Chris over like 7 PM tonight, will that give you enough time to finish the things you have to do today.

Confirming Plumber Visit:

Kevin: Yes, tonight at 7 PM; would be super.

Mike I will have Chris call you when he is on his way.

Kevin: Thank you so much Mike; I appreciate you fitting me in with such short notice.

Mike: Before you go may I ask how you heard about my company?

Kevin: Sure Jim at my office had given me your card a few months ago and thankfully I have not needed anything till now.

Mike: Yes; I know Jim we have been taking care of him for years. Did you want us to check all your personal pipes too?

Kevin: Yes, please do. Thanks again Mike; look forward to talking to Chris later.

Mike: Your welcome, have a great day.

Kevin: You too, Bye

Mike: Bye

Office Calls:

Jim: Hi Keven I just wanted to let you know everything is running fine but we can't find the plans for the new building we started last week. Do you need me to do anything else?

Keven: No, Thanks

I will be in a little while as I have stuff I have to get done.

Jim: Sure; no problem you're the boss.

Kevin: Thanks for giving me your plumber Mike; I called him today as my kitchen sink disposal stopped working this morning.

Jim: Fantastic; he is a great guy and will take good care of you. Jim is very fair and knowledgeable.

Jim: He didn't by chance ask you if you wanted him to check all your personal pipes.

Kevin: Yes, he did and I was so grateful.

Jim, Ah Kevin; I should probably tell you something

Kevin: Not right now I don't have and I promise I won't try to get him lower his price on the bill; thus there is nothing to talk about.

Plumber Confirmation Call:

I Just got home from my company and it's about 6:30 PM and the phone rings.

Kevin: Hello!

Chris: Hi Kevin, it's Chris from Mike's Friendly Plumbing.

Kevin: Hi there

Chris: I'm about 15 minutes from your home and should be there about 6:45 PM is that ok I will be early.

Kevin: Yes, that's great Thanks

Plumber Arrival:

Hi Kevin: I'm Chris from Mike's Friendly Plumbing; nice to meet you.

This guy was in his early 30's, blond hair, blue eyes, button-down beige uniform shirt, denim blue pants, nice ass, and water-resistant boots.

As he was unpacking his tools; I happen to steal a fast glance at his crotch without him noticing. It looked pretty soft, but of course, it was; he was not coming here to have sex with me.

Get that out of your mind Kevin; this guy is a professional. I was 32, he looked not that it mattered but it would be perfect; stop that Kevin.

Getting to Work:

Kevin: I show Chris into the Kitchen and he sets up his tools and work area. Within a matter of minutes, he analyzed the old disposal and said here is your problem; "it's a bad motor".

Kevin: Ah, shit!

Chris: Yea; it doesn't pay to replace the motor; thus I am going to change the entire disposal. Kevin: OH Ok and we include a three-year on-site warranty.

Finished Installing New Disposal:

Chris: Kevin, we are all done with the disposal!

Kevin: Great; what do I owe you guys.

Chris: It's 699.99 +75.00for 30 minutes of labor Plus 51.34 for tax and that comes to $826.33.

Kevin: I write Mike's company a check and hand it to Chris. Thanks so much.

Pipe Inspection:

Mike: Mike said you wanted our personal pipe check-up. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

It's free and we want to make sure they are all in proper working order.

I already checked your Kitchen and bathroom pipes we just need to check them downstairs.

Right after, he goes up the attic and is there for quite a while; I go ask if everything is ok.

Chris: Yea, we just need a light bulb as it just blew out.

Kevin: I make my way up the ladder and as my crotch just clears the opening I feel a hand gently grope my crotch. I'm hard as fuck and not sure what to say or do next.

Chris Strips Me:

My cock gets so fucking hard waiting with anticipation. Chris undoes my belt and I feel my balls tingling.

Chris: Man you're hard!

Kevin: Fuck, I say to myself as his one hand grips my jeans where the belt was. Then with his other hand, he pulls till my snap opens.

Shit, I'm now fully erect and can feel the tiny amount of pre-cum dripping in my underwear against my cock head.

Fuck I'm horny Now:

With just a little tug; I feel Chris stick his middle finger at the top of my zipper. He slowly glides it down while his fucking finger caresses my rod against my underpants.

Oh, Fuck my zipper is down and I'm even hornier than before. Chris opens my pants up by pulling the flaps t then grabbing my ass to slide them off my body.

In My Underwear Horny as Fuck:

He gropes my balls a few times and I moan: Oh, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck, me.

Chris says: "Don't worry Kevin I'm checking all your personal pipes very thoroughly as you requested and I will get to your ass" "But first I need to check the pressure and flow of

your cock values".

Then Chris sticks his three middle fingers under the waistband area above my ass and moves from the back to front several times.

Suddenly his hands drop deep below my underpants waistband and pushes down till they reach the bottom of my underpants.

Pressing against my precious briefs the force inside yanks them to my knees.

Standing Naked with My Hard Big Dick Out:

Chris: Can we go back to the kitchen

He puts me on the island with my ass just covering so my cock sticks out. Then I feel his luscious wet warm tongue coat my balls as I moan with each lick:

Kevin: oh fuck, mmmm, mmmm, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.oh. yes,

Chris: Fuck you are yummy, oh fuck, oh, oh, yea Kevin, feed me that delicious pre-cum, more, more Kevin.

Then he takes his tongue and licks up my cock from the base as I'm dripping so much pre-cum I thought it was cum but its not.

As I lay back and enjoy him, starting to suck my cock head like it is the sweetest lollipop.

Chris Give Me your Dick:

He was fucking prepared as all I had to do was pull two velcro strips on the sides of his waist and he was in his underwear. Oh fuck; I could see that big hard thick cock through his pants.

Then Chris gets on top of me and us and we 69 each other; I'm in his mouth and his cock is in mine. We suck each other faster and faster till are dicks start to throb.

Then are balls tighten and we start to cum in each other's mouths. Oh Yea, Fuck, Mmmmm, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, as both moan.

Kevin: That's was awesome Chris.

Chris: We are not done yet I still have another pipe to check. Stand up, relax and bend over so I can check your hole thoroughly.

I stand up, bend over, and then feel Chris's warm fingers checking out my ass as he kept hitting my prostate causing me to fucking pre-cum more each time.

Chris stuck his warm, thick rod up my ass. He worked hard to open my whole up as my ass never had a cock in it before. His cock went so deep he made me cum on the counter.

Then Chris sat on my Cock while rocking back and forth on it and also going up and down. Within 10 seconds Chris came all over my belly.

The Shower:

He brings me to the master bathroom; turns on the shower and washes my whole body down. He also takes his fingers and cleans out my hole.

Warp Up

Kevin, Oh, fuck that was awesome Chris.

Kevin: Do you do this every client; fuck I wish.

Chris: Whenever Jim and a few others refer us, someone, we ask them if they want their personal pipes cleaned and they know what it means.

Kevin: Well; Jim did try to tell you but you wouldn't let him explain.

Chris: Thus if I come over or any other plumber on staff; just tell them you want your personal pipes checked. We will find some way to blow you and fuck you.

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