Guy Sucked Off by Shop-Vac
Guy Sucked Off by Shop-Vac blowjob stories

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Recent college graduate bored and starts by using his house vacuum to give him a blow job but his dick is too big for the vacuum; then he moves onto a Shop-Vac.

Guy Sucked Off by Shop-Vac


I'm Mike and I just graduated from college last week and so happy to be home again. This last semester was not easy as I had papers, tests and presentations to do but it's over now.

I just wanted to relax. Thought maybe I would go to our pool which I did for a few hours but then it rained so I went inside.

Thus, I decided to pop a pizza in the oven and then I played some video games but I started to get horny.

Looking for something to relieve my horniness:

Walking around the house I wanted to do something to release my horniness in a big way. Not sure why; but I opened the hall closet and took out the vacuum.

Then I plugged in the vacuum cleaner next to my favorite chair and disconnected the hose from the mount.

Next, I turned on the vacuum cleaner and just started testing the suction against my jeans on the legs and then my hands.

What to do with the bulge in my pants:

Nobody was around but if they were; it would be easy for them to notice the slight bulge in my crotch. Now my dick was not fully hard yet but it was getting aroused.

I leaned back in my chair and then took the hose and placed it on my crotch.

Trying to get it to suck my head into the hose, however, what I discovered is my penis head was too big even with my dick not being fully erect.

My penis head would not fit in the vacuum cleaner hose:

Thought about undoing my pants but what was the point, as the circumference of my penis head would never fit in this hose.

There was a small mini vacuum that was rechargeable in the kitchen but, it didn't have enough suction to even hold my jeans to it. If only I had a bigger vacuum; what I need is a shop vac.

Searching for a Shop-Vac

Now, I wanted to just yank my pants down and just jerk off but I yearned for something more that would be better. Thus my dick is getting soft now; as I'm looking for a shop vac.

Looking all over the house. I find a shop vac in the garage and take it into the house, place it next to my chair and plug it in.

With the thought of this anticipated blowjob, my cock starts to get hard again.

Preparing for a Shop-Vac Blowjob:

After finishing the plugging in of the shop vac, I hooked up the long hose to the vacuum. Then I sat back in my chair as I had a hard dick in pants now; hard as a rock.

Reaching over I grab the hose, flip on the power and put the hose in front of my crotch area.

Shop-Vac Deepthroats by Cock:

Unexpectedly within seconds, it engulfs my penis head, shaft, and balls; fuck. I almost lost my breath as I'm forced to layback in my chair from the knee jerk reaction of the quick suck.

My cock shaft starts to feel this vibration while hearing the humming noise from the vacuum as its glued to my crotch through the jeans.

Suck me Deeper:

Although I feel my crotch tingling, my cock is twitching as I moan: ahh, mmmmm, ohhh,mmmmmm, ohhhh, fuck,,mmmmm,ohhhhh. Wanting more I pull the hose away from my crotch.

Then I unbuckle my belt, unsnap my jeans, unzip my fly and pull my jeans down enough to expose my full crotch.

You guessed it, within seconds I move the hose to my exposed underpants and it quickly engulfs my fuckin hot rock hard cock, shaft, and balls.

Intense I'm getting a real blowjob:

The suction on my jeans was intense; this was ten times more extreme than the house vacuum. Feeling this sensation of the vibration on by rock hard thick cock; it's fucking amazing.

I noticed there was another switch on the vacuum that said switch on in cold weather. Turning on the winter switch; it appeared to do nothing at first, but a minute later, oh fuck.

I felt the air circulating my penis but then it changed to warm sensual air.

This air mimicked the breath of a hot guy's mouth and got me even hornier when it didn't seem it could get any better.

Shop-Vac is Blowing me Oh Fuck:

Now with the pleasant warmth from the vacuum, the vibration to my cock and balls I wanted to fucking cum now.

As I now feel my balls pumping, I close my eyes and enjoy this breathtaking blowjob I'm getting now.

It's neat because the sucking makes me want to cum but then the vibration feeling keeps teasing my cock and preventing it from cumming.

Oh fuck, I want to cum, fuck me vacuum, fuck me vacuum, fuck me now, oh please.

Shop-Vac is Edging me:

Oh, Fuck, who knew this shop-vac was going to edge me and I want to fuck this vacuum so bad.

This back and forth feeling of almost cumming, being teased and blocked from cumming which lasts minutes and we are now up to ten minutes and oh fuck, I want to cum, Fuck me shop-vac,

fuck my cock, fuck my cock, I want to cum shop-vac, stop teasing me and fuck me now, fuck me.

I don't know whether it mattered or not but just then my balls tightened and they started to move around.

Shop-Vac is Fucking me Now:

A few more minutes seemed to go by and as I glance at my Jockey's they are fucking wet with precum all around the suction area.

I feel the vibration again thinking it's going to fucking edge me again but this time; my cock starts to throb. Oh Fuck, fuck me shop-vac, I throb more and then feel my balls strongly tingle.

My cock starts to throb hard as I take a deep breath, I moan, and fuck I'm cumming Oh, Fuck, Fuck me, Oh fuck, oh, oh, oh, mmmm, oh fuck me, oh yea, yes, yes, yes.

It keeps sucking me as I'm just about out of breath and now that I'm done; I reach over to turn off the vacuum.

The Clean-Up:

I get up and go to the kitchen and take off my underpants. I put a towel on the counter, turn on the water so it's warm in the sink.

Next, I take the nozzle and gently spray my crotch with the warm water. I take body wash and gently scrub my crotch area, penis, and balls.

I get up and pat the towel to my wet crotch to get the water off.

Dry Off:

I go upstairs to the master bathroom; turn on the dryer in the wall. I slip my cock in the side and it gently drys my cock after few minutes.

I had to take it out quickly as it was starting to feel like the dryer was going to give me another blowjob and the shop-vac was enough for today; that was powerful.

Maybe next time I will use the mini vacuum when I'm real close and let it suck out the pre-cum and cum from my penis which didn't seem that powerful but sure would be gently on

my penis head when I'm on the edge.

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