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Shigaraki and a small villain get put in the same jail cell… And that villain is a memer. For the sake of the plot, this is an AU where Kurogiri can’t teleport, and Shigaraki isn’t a big villain. Yet.


"That's poggers, bro."

"Please, shut the fuck up. Jesus Christ."

"Make me, uwu."

"Holy shit, you're so fucking dumb-"

"Hi, thanks for checking in, I'm- ~still a piece of garbage~"

I sighed, amused with my own antics as I leaned against the prison bars.

"PAIMON DOESN'T WANT COCAINE, PAIMON WANTS CRYSTAL METH-" I screamed at the prisoners a cell over, in my best Paimon voice.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" They screamed back. Aww yeah, they love me.

"Wait... You play Genshin Impact?" My cellmate asked curiously, surprised at my reference.

"Hell yeah! I cosplayed as Lisa once! Rumor has it, I'm still climbing that cliff." He groaned at the awful joke, closing his eyes.

"The only good thing about you, you fuckin troll." I giggled, pulling the bobby pin out of my hair.

I shoved it in the keyhole on the Quirk erasing cuffs I wore, picking it quickly and dropping them on the floor.

I pressed a hand to each hinge on the door, melting through them with my quirk and kicking it open.

"Peace out, memekiller!" I cheered, watching the door slam to the ground and jumping over it. I grabbed my bobby pin, using it to hold my hair back and hauling ass out of there.

I raced up the stairs from the prison, slamming into a guard and running past him, smirking as I heard my cellmates footsteps behind me.

"Maybe you're not so useless after all... Player two." I snorted, elbowing another guard in the stomach and sending a roundhouse kick to his face.

"You're such a kissup, player one." I teased, pulling the keys out of the unconscious guards pockets.

"Let's get out of this shithole... AW FUCK, I COULD'VE DROPPED MY CROISSANT-"

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