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Y/N hasn’t been able to find her soulmate, but when she goes to Yuei she meets him… He’s just someone unexpected.


Everyone has a red thread tied to their wrist, and that how they find their soulmate. The thread has a small charm with your soulmates initials on it, as well.

You can only see your soulmates, everyone elses in invisible to you. I was 15 now, and watching all my friends find their soulmates happily. But I haven't.

What am I doing wrong? I sighed as I looked down at the small charm, the letters S A glinting back at me. Who could it be? I jumped up as the school bell rang, hurriedly heading to my class.

My first day at Yuei! I sighed happily as I plopped in my seat, zoning out until the teacher shuffled in. Oh. FUCK.

I felt my heart pounding in my ears, a searing feeling where my bracelet touched my skin, my vision going white.

I heard the faint murmurs of my classmates as the pointed out the glowing on my wrist, a telltale sign that someone's found their soulmate. Then, everything went black.

I groaned as I opened my eyes, a small woman hunched over me with an excited expression.

"So, you met your soulmate? That can be frightening, dearie." I sighed as I peered up at her, burying my head in my arm. She ushered me up, sitting down next to me.

"What's wrong, little one?" I started tearing up, telling her what had happened between sobs.

"M-My soulmate is my teacher!" Her eyes widened a bit, before she chuckled. She put her hand over mine, looking me in the eye.

"Soulmates aren't a mistake." With that, she stood up and hobbled into another room. She came back with a small bottle of painkillers, handing them to me.

"Until you and your soulmate are together, your wrist is going to burn like hell. You'll want these." I frowned, accepting the bottle.

I stood up, thanking her and leaving the room, gasping as I collided with someone.

"Oh! Ah, sorry-" I apologized frantically, avoiding eye contact with the green haired boy. He was apologizing in the same manner, before we both looked at the other and paused.

We both burst out laughing. After quick introductions, he let me know why he was there.

"Recovery girl told Aizawa-sensei you were good to go, so he sent me to show you the way back!" I nodded, thanking him.

We walked back in an awkward silence, the unanswered question heavy in the air. But thankfully, he was polite enough to hold his tounge.

After we arrived at the class, I thanked him again quietly, going in and sitting in my seat. There were several students looking at me, expressions curious as they whispered at each other.

"Maybe it's Izuku-kun?" A brunette whispered quietly, her cheeks glowing at the mention of the boy. Good thing Aizawa was in the sleeping bag when he came in.

He must have a significantly better pain tolerance than me, which says something. I avoided eye contact with the teacher, staring at my desk intently.

I could feel everyone's gaze lingering on me as the teacher called attention to everyone. This is going to be a long school year.

I had ended up making around 10th on the Quirk Assessment, distracted by the whole situation. I walked out of the school, head down, squeaking when a hand landed on my shoulder.

My training kicking in I instinctively turned, catching the hand and moving to throw them over my shoulder, but then I froze.

"Aizawa-sensei?" I felt butterflies in my stomach, my skin buzzing where his hand was. I quickly let go of him, shuffling backwards.

He looked almost impressed at my reaction, although it's hard to tell with his poker face. I nearly flinched at the wave of emotion when I made eye contact with him.

His eyes were absolutely mesmerizing. I stared at him for a moment, flushing when he cleared his throat and letting out a flustered apology.

My blush intensified as he took my hand in his, inspecting the charm on my wrist, grumbling to himself. I pulled my hand away, completely red at this point.

"I get this is weird as hell, but it is what it is." He muttered. "I waited 31 years to meet my soulmate and it's my student. You're not the only one... Surprised, by the situation.

" I squirmed under his gaze, practically feeling his disappointment under my skin. I couldn't help but feel sad as shit that my own soulmate didn't want me. He sensed that, his gaze softening.

He patted me on the head, walking away. When I got home I crumpled onto my bed, crying. Why him?

Everyday at school after that was a blur, my mid torn. Every part of me wanted my soulmate more than life, but my morals had me conflicted. It just seems so wrong.

We had barely talked since then, other than normal teacher student stuff. I caught myself staring at him on several occasions, and I caught him sending unreadable glances at me.

After days of this, I couldn't take it anymore. After school, I made my way to his classroom again, quietly calling to him. He looked over at me, curiosity sparking in his eyes.

He went over to me, towering almost a foot over me, and looked down at me almost fondly.

"Yes?" I shuffled my feet a bit, twiddling my fingers anxiously.

"I, uhm, I was wondering if, uhm- maybe we could hang out, or something? To know each other better, since w-we're s-soulmates..." He chuckled softly, agreeing.

From that moment forward we went to a movie or restaurant every week, and eventually his house.

Two Years Later

I was cuddled into Aizawa's side when the headache came on, and I stood up to grab some painkillers. But before I could, Aizawa grabbed my hand.

He cupped my face gently, leaning in until his lips just brushed mine. My eyes widened for a moment, but then I leaned the rest of the way in and pressed our lips together.

A buzzing filled my body, a euphoric high rushing through my veins as we broke away. My soulmate.

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