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guillaumesautroInspired by silence.
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by MoodKid

Hey, it's been awhile

I first came here , willing to find here some sort of writing idyll

Firmly believing it would free my creativity,

yet it did quite the opposite.

I've found myself avoiding to write, scared

or just postponing a current draft

Thinking every day spent on the same text,

would help me in the end to truly master my craft.

And here I am paradoxically finding some sort of inspiration

In the hot steamed hell of my desperation.

All these hot flashes, these intrusive thoughts,

Coming together to make this, the result of what we could call a verbalisation

In my own words of all my mind knots.

Trying to stop stopping the flow of the mind I bear

And finally let fly the plane of my ideas,

The one I've been trying to explode midair.

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