Does Childhood Obesity affect School Performances?
Does Childhood Obesity affect School Performances? health stories

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Childhood obesity is no more appreciable in today’s time. Why? Because obesity at the age of 6-12 years impacts the overall children’s development. Moreover, it may induce further physiological and mental disorders in a child and poor academic performances (Yau, Castro, Tagani, Tsui, & Convit, 2012).

On the other side, we are aware of mobile phones’ benefits, but we rarely know about the disadvantages and the percentage of using smartphones is increasing among children.

The NPR organization (2019) report claims that 53% of 11 years old children have their personal smartphones. Also, children who spend almost four or five hours each day with a smartphone are more likely to be obese and have health risks.

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Does Childhood Obesity affect School Performances?

by GlobalTrustopedia

Children with obesity are a severe health problem where a child started gaining weight and ended up being overweight.

And when overweight comes, it does not come alone, it comes with different causes which impacts are harmful; so it is called childhood obesity.

Also, it almost happens when a child is less physically active or if he/she eats a lot of junk food.

However, genetics can also be one of the causes of having obesity in a child if your family history or psychological factors, and lifestyle all play a role in childhood obesity.

Therefore, Having an overweight at this age where the attending school is mandatory is difficult for these children because other children might bully them.

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