Am I Happy?
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gryffin03Community member
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Am I Happy?

by gryffin03

Is this what they call happiness?

Or is happiness just another one of the social constructs

that no one can define

or even tell you step by step how to achieve it

which is strange since people consider it a goal

but no one truly knows how to define that goal

so then what's the point?

That was depressing, let's try again

Am I happy?

Do I feel like frolicking through a field?

Or watching the stars tonight?

I feel a sense of...

rejuvenation and creativity

I haven't felt this in a while

Not too much stress

And a desire to get out and do more

To adventure and be free with no cares in the world

To not be afraid anymore, of anything

Am I happy?

Or is it just another lie my brain created?

I guess I'll just wait and see

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