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grumpybear Community member
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poem about depression and betrayal

heartbreak poem

by grumpybear

sometimes i ask myself how it is possible to feel so heartbroken

when you've never been in love

and it is true that a boy's touch or lack thereof is not what broke me

you see, i was never in love with people but with the planet

the way the sun sets every night, burying itself into an ocean of orange and pink

only to reveal its face again each morning

like a magic trick still impressive every time it gets performed

i was in love with autumn

the blades of a leaf shedding to reveal a circulatory system as complex as my own

back when veins were just beauty

and not the tragedy that is a blooming flower: the need to open up

i was in love with myself

the hairpin curves under my eyes, and the oceans within

always beautiful, and never burning

but the world stopped loving me, and in turn i broke my own heart

you see, when the thing you love most doesn't love you back, you begin to see the world in only shades of gray

the force of gravity between my bed and i grew stronger

but why would i want to leave my bed when the air outside felt like acid on my skin

why would i want to love again when the world made everything taste like blood

made everything sound like the barrel of a gun

made everything shift, like tectonic plates, setting off an earthquake inside of me

i was never in love with a person

yet my heart has been broken.

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