Broken 💔
Broken 💔 heartbreak stories

grishmavasaniCommunity member
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The poem reveals the words and feeling of a broken heart who used to love previously but certain incidents in life destroy you in such a way that after which you lose trust in all beautiful feeling present in the world and forever sell yourself towards hatred....
Hope you guys like it!!

Broken 💔

by grishmavasani

Broken..... Away from this world, Today I go, Every piece of my heart, In bin I throw..... Stable I stay no more, With the knife of fear, My soul's being tore....

Fear to fall in love, Fear to get hurt again, Fear to get rejected, Fear to bear the pain.... Alone I feel today, Helpless I be, Lost myself somewhere, I'm no more old me.....

The blood of hatred, Flows all over me, In my mind, resides an evil, From the black castle between the dead Sea......

No longer faith, Bind us together, Me and him, Chose different ways of life further......

Mind games and betrayals, Broke me apart, A tissue in his life, Was my role, my part...... End of my old life, And I start the new, With no more love, In my blood only hate flew.......

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