The Black Room Pt. 1
The Black Room Pt. 1 dream stories

grimskee I've always enjoyed writing, im just shy
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This is a real experience that I had! As scary as it was I hope you guys enjoy!

The Black Room Pt. 1

I open my eyes, I see nothing. Not nothing as in im blind, more so as there's nothing there to see, everything is black, void.

I look down, but I can't see my body, I don't know if I'm standing, or floating there. I look around, in hopes of finding anything, seeing anything.

I begin to notice a faint whisper echoing throughout the void, but I can't seem to locate the source.

The whispering grows louder and I start to feel a sense of panic, turning my gaze faster, more abrupt, trying to find the source.

Seeming to almost strain my neck even in this non physical state that im in. Then I see it, there standing in the vast emptiness is a man.

His back facing towards me yet somehow I have a feeling I already know who it is.

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