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A letter to my future ex.

To My Future Ex

I can't wait for the day we

finally run into eachother.

How that short awkward

chit chat will turn into

long nights in our world.

The gravity, conisting

of the soundwaves

slipping from our lips.

Where my eyes will

struggle to stray away

from yours. The way we'll

season the evenings

by spilling stories,

sipping coffees and

witnessing our inside

jokes grow outside

of our control.

At the same time,

I'm anxiously


the point when

you'll know me

more then I want

most people to

and the day our

sharper sides show

themselves is one

I'm reluctantly

tip-toeing towards.

I don't know what'll break us.

Why we won't make it or

what the tipping point

will be where

we decide

No wifi?

Then why fight?

We've already lost

our connection so why try?

Having said that,

At this point in time,

I don't know what

your voice sounds like.

At this point in time,

I don't know what

you look like.

At this point in time,

I don't know who

you are.


For the memories

you'll leave with me,

both the

bittersweet epiphanies

and the

smile-stained symphonies.

Thank you.

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