I am crazy for once >_<

                   I am crazy for once >_< ridiculous-stories-ever stories

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I am crazy for once >_<

One time, I was in my tuition class. I walked to the stairs to go to the ground floor. I saw my brother's friend, wearing a red shirt and black cap. I reprimand him as a sign I respect him.

He smiled back at me and I continue my journey down the stairs. At the end of the stairs, I saw him again! But in other clothes. Green top and white cap. I was shocked.

I really thought that I am crazy that time. The second 'my brother's friend' waved at me. But I am so afraid that time because I thought that this boy is a ghost. ( lol ).

I ran to the right and entered a hall. I catch up my breath there and right here in front me, I saw the boy again! But this one is also with a different cloth. Oh.. Am I crazy ?

Am I crazy? This third boy was in a yellow shirt and black cap.

And I was like: "Whuttttt?! How fast can he change his clothes?" My mind just like racing, thinking what should I do to run from those ghosts. But then, I saw my brother.

I told him about what happened and he replied calmly "Oh, they are triplet identical twins." I was relief because I thought that I just saw something that people cannot see.

Then, I turned my sight to the left. I saw the twins stand next to each other (lol)... That experience was very weird for me since that was the first time I see triplet identical twins.

Fortunately, they were wearing different colors of shirt, if not, my mind absolutely will think, how do they can be in 3 different places in 1 time.

P/S : One of them had come to my house once. Just one of them. That is why I knew that they are my brother's friend(s)

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