Underneath The Mistletoe
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A Covid Christmas Day 2!šŸŽ„

Underneath The Mistletoe

I told you that I loved you,

Right beside the Christmas tree.

Hoping you could make my Christmas wish come true,

That way every time it snows, you think of me.

To you, warmth may mean fuzzy socks,

The smoky hot coco.

But I lock up my heart up like Fort Knox,

Because I know you will run back to me when you have no place to go.

Every snowflake is perfection in its own way,

Just like the both of us.

But when we intertwine, and the two of us come in to play,

It has me begging for more, and it always has me hanging on the cusp.

That night on the twenty fifth,

Is when I realized I finally had someone to catch me, even if I let go.

To me it's more than a kiss,

Because magic always happens, underneath the mistletoe.

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