Trapped: An MSD Tribute
Trapped: An MSD Tribute rip stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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I wrote this for my journalism class print paper for the February 2020 issue...

Trapped: An MSD Tribute

Shh! Not a sound! We can't risk him hearing us!

His mind circling with thoughts of anger, pain, and disgust.

We can't let him shoot, we have to stop him.

He shoots, the bullet grazing, hitting our bodies' rim.

He shoots some more.

Bodies lying unconsciously on the floor.

Blood dripping out of people once known.

People are screaming, crying, shouting, signs of terror are shown.

We are trapped and we can't get help.

But we are too weak to make a sound, not even a yelp.

This day was supposed to be a day of happiness, of love

But instead 17 victims lay dead, listening up from above.

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