This Needs To Be Discussed
This Needs To Be Discussed  fraud stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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This isn’t even about who wins anymore, this is ridiculous and childish. If you get offended easily, please click off because this has to be said.

This Needs To Be Discussed

Right now, as you may know, Joe Biden is leading by 50 electoral votes with a lead of 264 to 214.

Democratic polling officials in 3 states, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin are accused of sabotaging the votes.

However, in Michigan, it was said that there was a surprise ballot dump.

But that's not all.

In Wisconsin, who currently has a 0.7% lead, has a surplus of 138,000 votes, which there are more votes than registered voters.

We are in trouble if Joe Biden wins, and if it gets to that point where he does reach 270, I will make a separate post on why he needs to get kicked out of office ASAP.

Please help America by sharing this post and sharing this information.

Thank you.

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