The Tragedy of The Gift
The Tragedy of The Gift wrapped stories
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A Covid Christmas Day 10!šŸŽ„

The Tragedy of The Gift

Sometimes in life,

I'm so close to letting go.

Without ever really knowing why,

I just wish some people had always known.

I wish people knew how it felt being the odd one out,

Instead they're all wrapped up in their own thoughts.

The only thing I can depend on is the benefit of the doubt,

Because I'm losing everything I've got.

At this point it's too hard to continue,

I'm so close to waving my white flag.

Because I know no one will care, when they hear the news,

Only a "thank you for all the good memories we had".

So go about and life on with your lives,

While I lay in my casket, waiting for the tears to slowly drip.

Hurting like a million knives,

Being the only one knowing the tragedy of the gift.

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