The Rain Will Catch Up To You
The Rain Will Catch Up To You rain stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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So I just got back from dinner with my family and it’s pouring down raining. I felt like writing a little something so I wrote this poem about how you can never run away from the bad things in life.

The Rain Will Catch Up To You

As the sky turns black,

As the clouds crawl nearer.

When the thunder booms and the lightning clacks,

Life couldn't be drearier.

When the sun disappears,

As it hides behind the clouds.

When your face lights up with fear,

The heavens scream loud.

Lighting flashes, streaks of white and yellow,

The sky begins to pour.

Life is anything but mellow,

All you want is shelter, and nothing more.

There is no point in running,

It won't make the sky turn blue.

The rain won't stop, and the Gods continue cunning,

Because no matter how fast you run, the rain will catch up to you.

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