The First Cut Is The Deepest
The First Cut Is The Deepest wound stories

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(Inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Stab me in the back,

With your sharp edged knife.

I fall, and the lights turn pitch black.

I scream in agony, and cause a strife.

Blood dripping down my body,

Leaving a gaping wound.

I'm ready to collapse, my muscles weak and scrawny,

I hope someone finds me soon.

The spirits awaken me as I turn into dust,

You try to run and hide, ready to escape.

You have no soul, your heart turns to rust,

Leaving no trace behind, you've sealed my fate.

Their on a hunt, you've gained exposure,

You have nowhere to hide, and no more secrets.

I'm just waiting for answers, waiting for closure,

I should've known that the first cut is the deepest.

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