The Boy Who Was
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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Happy National Mental Health Day Everyone🖤 Hope all is well🥰

The Boy Who Was

There once was a little boy,

So innocent and pure.

His only knowledge was his mom, dad, and his toys,

But little did he know what was to come, and no one else knew the answer.

He never knew he would grow up only to be picked on,

By the way he looked and the way he walked.

His only therapy was walking away blasting his favorite song,

Because to him, the music listened, unlike any time he talked.

He never knew that his world would be turned upside down,

With a heart filled with trauma.

For him it was impossible to hide that frown,

Then when he was asked if he wanted to live, and he said that "I don't wanna.”

No one else knew what was going on in that dangerous mind,

Until one day he disappeared, and no one new the cause.

Because for him it hours felt like years, and it was just a matter of time,

Before they would know, that I was the boy who was.

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