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A Vegas themed poem about the hopes and dreams of some people who hope to become famous one day.šŸŒƒšŸ’„

Sin City

Sin city, is where I reside,

Where the sun never sets.

The home of the beautiful and the wealthy, it seems like there are no rules to which we have to abide,

But they never want to leave, no matter how bad it gets.

There is no such thing here,

As the state of love and trust.

By now it seems pretty clear,

That this city is filled with lots of pain and lust.

Here, is where your life takes a gamble, and you pretend like you're okay,

Where you roll the dice, just to fit in.

You came here for a shot at the big life, and a chance to play,

But it comes with a cost, and the road is just starting to begin.

The home of loss and heartbreak,

They open up their gates to the pity.

It's in this town, where I place my fate,

I never know what will happen next, in this place called sin city.

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