Silent Scream
Silent Scream napowrimo stories
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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NaPoWriMo Day 27! This poem is mainly dedicated to the COVID-19 victims because we are all going through a lot right now but not as much as they are going through. This is just awareness to help realize that there are bigger things out there than our personal issues and we should be grateful that we are healthy.

Silent Scream

Some people say they're bored,

Or not doing "okay".

Trying to figure out why their personality was forged,

Claiming that their "depression" is here to stay.

Trying to act pitiful for the sake of bittersweet attention,

When there are people out there,

Whose minds are facing mental retention.

They can't stop it, and living they can't bare.

Saying how it's so hard to live their life

When they’re tuning out other people, saying "la la la."

That it gets to the point where they want to pick up that knife,

Just to make everything stop.

Treating this sadness, this emotional burden like a joke,

Telling them to "wake up, it's only a dream."

It makes them want to choke,

That they feel like their invisible and no one can hear their silent scream.

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