Running On Empty
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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They say when you hit rock bottom that there’s only one way to go, up. But what If rock bottom just gets deeper from here?

Running On Empty

My exhaust fumes are spreading,

Battery low.

All the memories, I keep on shredding,

Swallowed whole in the heartbreak and darkness, with no where to go.

I've honestly had my thoughts,

Considered every option.

But I feel like I've lost every battle I've fought,

I need a reason, an answer to be locked in.

I've gave up on love and prayer,

Because the string of bad days never come to an end.

Honestly I don't see anything going anywhere,

Nothing that I can mend.

My time is ticking, before I finally explode,

Relying on every breath that I breathe.

There's no secret code or sign that needs to be shown,

To know that I've given it everything I've got, and I'm running on empty.

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