Roll the Dice
Roll the Dice chance stories
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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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It's true, sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow! Inspired by "Roll the Dice" by Hurricane

Roll the Dice

We only have one life to give, we only get one shot.

Life is too short to give something a second thought.

Take a chance, you never know until you try it.

Life is like a gun, dodge the bullet and don't get hit.

You never know what your life will bring,

But don't regret missing a single thing.

Life is no fun when we all play by the rules.

We don't have to act good every day, sometimes we have to be fools.

What's the point in an unsolved mystery?

When you have your whole life ahead of you to make history?

Whatever decision you make, you can't always think twice,

Sometimes you just have to go with it and roll the dice.

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