Over My Head
Over My Head depressed stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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Who said it’s not okay to have our moments?

Over My Head

I wish I could count the reasons,

On just my fingers and my toes.

Ignore every grievance,

Just remember the highs, and forget about the lows.

I wish I could walk on two feet,

Instead of just one.

Because right now I'm mentally beat,

I have no time for silly games, and have any fun.

Trying my best every day,

But it seems as if it's just not enough.

Feeling like I'm being pulled every which way,

In every direction and out of sight, far away from love.

I wish I was able to just push pause,

For once just lay down and go to bed.

Finally find an easier way to get across,

To just let the bad days and nights, roll over my head.

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