No Looking Back
No Looking Back abuse stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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NaPoWriMo Day 18!
Announcement: As of now I will be posting a limited amount each day because I am working on a special poetry project and need to save and have time to come up with new ideas! It will be totally worth it!

No Looking Back

It's time now,

Time for me to go.

Time to get out,

Leave this freak show.

It's time for me to leave you,

For being so cruel,

This will all be over soon,

I'm not going to be a fool.

I can't take this abuse,

Running down the boulevard of broken dreams,

My strings are coming loose,

My hopes and desires are already lost as it seems.

I think it's time,

Before I give myself a heart attack,

I can already hear the birds chime,

I'm leaving today and there is no looking back.

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