My Life is A Movie
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greys_addict007 Pretending to be someone I’m not🎭💔
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NaPoWriMo Day 14! Anyone else just feel like they are living in a never ending fairy tale?

My Life is A Movie

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Get everyone on set!

But how am I supposed to live my life when there is no satisfaction?

When I can't ever have feelings or be upset.

People try to run my life and be the main star.

These people are supposed to be positively portrayed,

Like they can help me from afar,

But off camera, I get backstabbed and betrayed.

My life is a movie where everything is props and gimmicks,

When I need support, and it's my life I'm living.

People can be so evil sometimes and don't want to admit it.

That they don't realize the lethal injection their giving.

My life is always filmed, where I'm just an actor.

It's putting weight and burdens on my heart.

I thought we were supposed to be there for one another but I guess that doesn't matter.

My life is just a movie, and it's tearing me apart.

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