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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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All this sudden, everyone wants me.

Me & My Bubble

You know,

It funny how all this sudden.

Everyone and everything just won't go,

Suddenly now all I get is happiness and loving.

Now that I'm all alone,

Everyone comes running towards me.

Now everyone is blowing up my phone,

No one's plans are full and nobody is busy.

Now I'm the one with all the attention,

That's not how it was before.

Suddenly I'm the one that's an exception,

Now I'm not being tossed out, like an apple core.

But I don't want your praise and your love, because I know it's all fake,

No, I don't want a hug and I don't want to cuddle.

Because I know I have something you don't and that you want to take,

I just want to be alone, just me and my bubble.

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