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greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
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So ya my state is now a hotspot for covid-19 and the governor mandated masks but uhh people are still going outside without them so...😷


Our futures are at stake,

If we don't act quick.

We are trapped in this world, it's starting to make our minds quake,

I just want to escape to a place where people weren't so sad and so sick.

Covering up our smiles,

With that mask we must wear.

It's been quite a while,

Since I have breathed the fresh air.

Trapping us indoors,

With the government constantly on TV.

My soul is starting to feel sore,

From the bad things that we have experienced and seen.

Masks are taking over the world, and to stay indoors we have been ordered.

Just for one good year is all I asked.

But now we are stuck isolated and from each other we are securely bordered,

Our lives are forever changed, and our futures will never stop being masked.

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