Losing Sleep and Counting Sheep
Losing Sleep and Counting Sheep sheep stories

greys_addict007 i’m back!!🤠
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
I mean, I haven’t been sleeping well at night because of her so it better be worth it😬👫🏻

Losing Sleep and Counting Sheep

So yeah I'm still into you,

I thought that would be pretty clear by now.

You're the reason the sorrows and struggles, I get through,

I will love you forever, more than my heart will allow.

I don't think you get the phrase "girl of my dreams",

It's quite an honor, if you ask me.

Me and you, we make a team,

You're the thing that lets my mind run wild and free.

I still dream of you, all the time,

Waiting for you to be ready.

Hoping one day you will be mine,

But for now it's just a waiting game, and my heart beats steady.

You're the reason I get out of bed,

To not live and misery, and continue to weep.

You're the person I dream of in my head,

But all that seems to be happening is me losing sleep and counting sheep.

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