Loneliest Time Of The Year
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A Covid Christmas Day 4!šŸŽ„

Loneliest Time Of The Year

When December comes around,

All I think about is you.

But now that you're gone,

Everything is falling down, because you were my glue.

How am I supposed to top the tree,

When you were my bright and shiny star?

It hurts knowing that you're no longer next to me,

But I know you have to do what's best for your heart.

If that's not me,

Then that's okay.

Releasing from my soul, my ghost to be,

Sick and done with all the games you've played.

I miss you but deep down inside, there is a pocket of hate,

Feeling disgusted that I once called you my dear.

Now I'm numb to all the pain, and I'm closing my gates,

Because I don't want to suffer anymore from what made this the loneliest time of the year.

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