Keeping Me Under
Keeping Me Under suicide stories
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Trigger Warning: This poem has touching subjects including suicide and self-harm and this post is for promoting suicide awareness in teens and young adults. Enjoy!šŸŒŠšŸ–¤

Keeping Me Under

My thoughts are like guns,

They're all pointing at me.

It's like there's gas trapped in my lungs,

I can't breathe.

My mind is a ticking time bomb,

Waiting to explode.

Soon I will be pink mist, and I will be all gone,

My body is breaking, and my bones soon will implode.

I feel like I can't tell anyone anything anymore,

Because it's all taboo.

I thought that's what friends are for,

But I can't tell them the truth.

My thoughts are like the fluid in a soda can,

There is no sun, and I am the thunder.

It's no use coming up with a plan,

Because soon enough I will drown, because my mind is keeping me under.

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